Live Webinar

CBEST Assessment
Why Automated Continuous Intelligence-Led Testing is Key

Presented by: 

  • Oliver Church, board member of Crest and founder of Orpheus Security 
  • Josh Neame, CTO of BlueFort Security 

Join our latest webinar on Tuesday 23rd May at 2pm.


The CBEST framework, launched by the Bank of England in 2014, is now the primary method for UK financial services organisations to test their defences using advanced threat intelligence and realistic attack simulations.

Our experts will share best practice and insights on how an intelligence-led pen-testing approach will help financial institutions achieve the required cyber resilience goals. Specifically, we’ll address:

  • Scalability: Automating processes in preparation for CBEST will help financial institutions test their cyber security measures at scale without exhausting resources. 

  • Efficiency: Automation quickly identifies vulnerabilities and efficiently assists in mediating potential delays when undertaking your CBEST assessment.  

  • Accuracy: Automated testing provides a more accurate assessment of an institution's cyber security posture and will identify security weaknesses that have gone undetected in manual testing.  

Join us to learn how automated continuous intelligence-led testing will help you better perform against the CBEST framework and why this type of cyber risk management is an essential component of operational resilience.